Given the dearth of diversity in the teaching workforce and an anticipated increase in market demand for teachers, IRT addresses the diversity gap in graduate school, the teaching profession, and educational leadership pipelines.

The Trusted Source for America’s Next Generation of Educational Leaders.

Since 1990, a growing cadre of IRT alumni have launched careers in teaching and administration in schools, colleges and universities.

Alumni Impact

    • 2000 alumni have joined the educational ranks since IRT’s founding in 1990;
    • 304 alumni have completed their Ph.D.s in the humanities, social sciences, and education fields;
    • Almost 900 alumni have completed their terminal Master’s degrees;
    • IRT alumni are on the faculty and administration at 131 colleges and universities, including 27 tenured faculty and 91 on tenure-track;
    • To date, more than 40 IRT alumni are leading programs, departments, and institutions, as Associate Directors, Directors, Deans, Principals, Superintendents and even Campus Presidents.